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Odors from smoking, cooking, pets, mold or mildew create a significant problem when trying to rent your properties. The turnover cost of a rental, will be higher if a problem odor is present, because, the odor is typically embedded into the carpet, wall coverings, or even the paint. The Ozone Clean Pro high output ozone generator is a very effective odor, bacteria, and virus eliminator because it attacks them at their source. By killing the microorganisms that are the source, not only are odors, bacteria, and virus eliminated, but the unit is made safe for the next tenant.

Problem: Landlords are often faced with a tough situation after a tenant moves out, leaving a problem. Do you replace the carpet and/or repaint the walls because your normal cleaning protocol is not working? These things take time and money and can slow down the process of getting the unit occupied. Masking the odors using fragrances and plug-ins is a poor strategy and will lead to an unsatisfied tenant once the scent wears off.

Solution: Our high output Ozone Clean Pro Generators are uniquely designed to eliminate harmful odors, bacteria, and viruses by simply running the generator in the unit while it is unoccupied. The treatments typically take anywhere from 2 hours up to 24 hours. Cabinets and closet doors can be opened during the treatment and the HVAC fan can be turned on to help distribute the gas throughout every nook and cranny in the unit. This process also aids in destroying any odors that have built up in the duct work.

Note: After a full treatment, the unit is completely sanitized with no trace of the original odor and no residual fragrance smell, which renters find objectionable. A purified indoor environment makes the unit more marketable, often without the need to replace the carpet or repaint the walls.

This can be dangerous if not done by a trained technician.