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A bottle of O3 Life Oil MCT Coconut base with your choice of our Essential Oils added. Choose from Lemon, Lavender or our special Muscle Rub!

Choose the 2 oz or larger and get a spray pump top included!

For topical use only  Keep cool until use

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Ten Skin Benefits of Ozonated Coconut Oil There are very few beauty or skin products that we can honestly say are cure-alls, but coconut oil comes pretty close. You can use it for everything from healing scars to moisturizing dry knees. Recently, ozonated coconut oils have become increasingly popular because of their all natural, anti-aging properties are only enhanced by adding ozone into the highest quality organic oils. So what is ozonated coconut oil? Ozonated coconut oil is made with high quality, organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed coconut oil that is put through a process of “ozone injection”, which is bubbling ozone into the liquid for an extended period of time. For purity and quality, it is vital that companies you use a cold plasma ozone generator. This allows for the coconuts natural properties to be enhanced, providing your skin with longer lasting effects. So what should you use it for? Here are 10 tips to start: 1. Makeup remover- Even the most waterproof mascaras, eye liners and foundations don’t stand a chance against ozonated coconut oil. Apply a small portion to your face and let it sit for a minute. The makeup will come off with ease. 2. Body lotion- If you have searched for years for a nourishing oil that didn’t leave you wanting more, search no more. Ozonated coconut oil has a distinct smell, but will not leave your skin smelling like ozone. In fact, it will leave it feeling hydrating and refreshed for hours after application. 3. Lip Balm- Chapped or dry lips? try just a finger tip dab of ozonated coconut oil and your lips will thank you! 4. Stretch Mark Cream- Expectant mothers or general stretch marks are a pain for anyone to deal with. Ozonated coconut oil, even more so than extra virgin coconut oil can help to reduce unsightly stretch marks. More importantly it will prevent dark spots or blisters from forming. 5. Under Eye Cream- Have you spent hundreds of dollars on expensive under eye creams that make big promises and provide big let downs? Try ozonated coconut oil its light enough for even the most delicate skin areas and its properties can drastically reduce undereye bags and the look of fine lines. 6. Body Scrub- Mix ozonated coconut oil with coarse salt or sugar to create an excellent exfoliator. Even after the salt melts away, the coconut oil will still continue to hydrate your skin. 7. Shaving Cream- Yes! This may be our favorite. Use this balm on your legs or face (for men) and the coconut oil will provide a great base before shaving. After the fact, your skin will feel fresh and moisturized instead of dried out. 8. Itch Relief- Burns, bug bites, skin irritation, rash– you name it, ozonated coconut oil can reduce the itchy feel while helping to heal the affected area. 9. Night Cream- Your skin can be treated through out the night! Wake up to a new shine and maximize the time benefits of sleep. The anti-oxidants are fantastic for smoothing fine lines and aging while you are fast asleep. 10. Cuticle Oil- Cracked or dry cuticles? Apply ozonated coconut oil at the base of your hands and nails. The effects are also known to make manicures last longer! Coconut oil has become so popular because of its wide variety of uses. While ozonated coconut oil should never be consumed, its properties are even better for skin and hair use! Use it for these reasons along with many more for nourished, healthy skin.

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Lavender, Lemon, MuscleRub


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