Mold & Mildew

Eliminating dangerous mold and mold spores is now possible with the use of high output Ozone Clean Pro Generators. Whether there is a full-blown contamination or a “hidden” problem, our ozone generators can take care of the problem.

When mold or mildew odors are detected, there is mold present somewhere, whether visible or not. Many people are sensitive to the mycotoxins (fungal toxins) which molds produce and to some, these allergens are toxic! Of course, there are situations, (like flooding) that promote mold growth, creating severe incidents that can be very dangerous. Ozone Clean Pro high output ozone generators will eliminate mold and its odors at the source by destroying the microorganisms left behind.

Problem: Mold finds its way into homes, offices, and buildings, by means of spores, that are carried by ambient air. These spores lodge in inconspicuous places, hidden from site, but then proliferate in the presence of high relative humidity, leading to large areas of mold growth that can contaminate the area. Most often, the only evidence of the problem is the mold odor, and the symptoms experienced by the people that occupy the space.

Solution: Ozone is a very strong oxidant/disinfectant, and because it is a gas, can be effectively used to treat homes, offices, and buildings contaminated by mold. It has been used commercially for several years by mold remediation and restoration firms. The efficacy of ozone as opposed to other cleaning methods, relates to the fact ozone is a gas, and can travel anywhere air currents take it, treating all the surfaces in a space.

Note: Ozone shock treatments will destroy mold and mildew, effectively killing the microorganisms responsible; however, there are two factors that must be considered: (1) Mold or mildew depends upon water / moisture to grow and proliferate. Identifying and eliminating the source of this moisture will ensure that the problem doesn’t reoccur. (2) Some allergens will survive the destruction of the cell by ozone, so it is very important to physically clean / remove the dead mold when it is exposed / visible.

Whenever working around mold, before or after the shock treatment with ozone, personal protective equipment is always required.


This can be dangerous if not done by a trained technician.