Hotel & Motel

Eliminating hotel odors, bacteria’s and viruses is a breeze when you attack the problem at the source with the use of Ozone Clean Pro high output ozone generators. Say good bye to artificial fragrances, and welcome to the future of healthier indoor living. A July 2007 survey by JD Powers and Associates found that “hotel room odors” are one of the top 5 concerns of guests nationwide.

Ozone is a very effective tool in attacking hotel odors, bacteria’s and viruses because it kills the microorganisms. The guest traffic in-and-out of hotel rooms is staggering, and everyone has a high expectation of cleanliness. Odors, bacteria’s and viruses from tobacco smoke, body odors, moisture, food and beverages, and sometimes even pets, can be unnerving to a new guest. Masking odors with fragrances will never remove odors embedded in the wall coverings, carpet, furniture, or the bedding.

Problem: Odors are often present in hotel rooms because guests aren’t as careful as they are in their own home. Have you ever gone on a trip only to come home sick? Of course, the cleaning staff doesn’t have the time nor the resources to completely sanitize a hotel guest room. And of course, simply cleaning a room will not eliminate the germs and bacteria left behind by the previous guest.

Solution: The use of Ozone, as a broad-based sanitation strategy, is more effective with the launch of the Ozone Clean Pro high output ozone generators. Now, in a matter of minutes, a hotel room can be safely deodorized and disinfected, because the microorganisms that threaten guests and lead to troubling odors are eliminated. Simply run an ozone generator after housekeeping has cleaned the room, and it will be filled with odor and germ-killing ozone. All it takes is a short time to ensure that the room is safe for the next guest! Ozone is a gas that moves with the air currents penetrating fabrics and literally treating every surface.

Note: After a treatment, the room has a fresh, “clean” smell. This smells also reminds people of laundry that has been hung out to dry in the sun, or the fresh smell of the air after a thunderstorm. Odors are removed, and the room has been restored to a clean healthy environment.

This can be dangerous if not done by a trained technician.