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SP Water Treatment System


The SP Water Treatment System injects powerful plasma ozone into your culinary water line.  Ozone oxidizes organics and chelates minerals in the water. While at the same time, infusing the water with micro-oxygen.  The water is then filtered with a 5-micron carbon filter.  The result is water that is naturally soft, pH balanced and free of chemicals and organics.  Soft and Pure (SP) water has many applications for good health and wellness in people and animals by retaining the healthy benefits of dissolved oxygen and chelated dissolved minerals. 


The SP Water treatment system uses our innovative technology to treat hard water problems without the use of salt. Plasma Ozone is injected into the water stream where it oxidizes organics into their basic elements and chelates, or fractures, minerals in water into micron sized particles. This dual action of oxidation and chelation naturally pH balances the water to 7.2-7.4. Oxidized material and larger minerals are filtered out of the water.  The net effect is that the water produced by the SP System is perfect for the human body, pH balanced, loaded with micro-oxygen, free of chemicals and naturally softened.


Balancing the pH of water also eliminates and reverses corrosion issues in hot water heaters.  Minerals that are chelated cannot plate out on pipes, valves and water heaters.


SP Water Treatment Systems have applications in homes, restaurants, schools, hotels and office buildings


Portable Ozone Generator

The OCP Portable Ozone Generator is an inexpensive way to produce ozone water anywhere there is power.  Our unit produces 600 mg/h of ozone. The unit is great for travel or when you will be in crowds.  There are 100’s of uses for this small but powerful unit.


Laundry Ozone Generator

The OCP Laundry Ozone Generator uses an injector to inject ozone into the water stream of your washing machine.  Ozone will replace detergent and leave your clothes fresh smelling.


Undersink Ozone Faucet System

The OCP Undersink Ozone Faucet system is installed under a sink and uses an injector to inject ozone into the water stream. The system should be installed in breakrooms and bathrooms, so employees can easily drink ozone water and disinfect their hands.  The bathroom units will also freshen the air in restrooms.  It is best to pretreat the water with an SP system to filter out oxidized material.


Shock Systems

Portable ozone shock systems can be used to disinfect homes and eliminate odors.  The system must be operated by a trained technician.  The system will increase the ozone level in a home to over 15 ppm.  This level of ozone will disinfect all surfaces that moving air touches.

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