O3 Science, Inc. is first and foremost a health and wellness company, and all our endeavors are oriented to that end.

Health and Wellness begins with our environment. What we breathe and drink and touch are the biggest factors determining our health and well being. Our first step to address these start with the air we breather and things we touch. To clean and sanitize the air, we use an air Shock Treatment machine. Our machines produce between 30 and 40 grams of ozone per hour, which over time kills bacteria, viruses and other nasties in the air and on non-porus surfaces, providing a sanitized environment. Shock Treatments removes odors too! Read more about Shock-Treatments here

The second step is to address what we drink – water! We have two products that can sterilize the water, one is for the whole home called the Soft Pure (SP) water treatment system and the other is a portable unit suitable for cleaning fruits and vegtables, water in smaller amounts like a half-gallon or so for drinking. The portable unit may also be used in sanitization methods such as using ozonated water to clean. Read more about our SP Water Treatment systems here. And read more about our Portable Unit here.

Now that we have fresh smelling and sanitized home or office, we wanted to address more personal issues. Ozonated Message Oils, are a great way to relieve skin issues and it does feel great. Our “O3 Life Oils, are created from clean MCT Coconut Oil and/or clean Olive Oil. We then ozonate amd filter the oils to further clean them and infuse the ozone into the oils. We add essential oil to enhance certain properties depending on intended usage. Read more about our O3 Life Oils here.

We found an additional product called “gel-out” that improves joint health so we add that to our “Muscle Rub” oil. We believe in gel-Out so much, we also offer it for sale. Read more about gel-Out here

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