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The nerves that sense pain are mainly located in the soft tissues of our bodies. Many types of pain can be attributed to pressure differential involving the cells that make up tissue. Nerves register the inflammation and we experience pain symptoms. Did you ever hear people predicting weather changes because of pains in their joints? Often, what’s contributing to the pain is the lack of flexibility and permeability in the fibrous tissue cells. Use of MSM has been shown to restore flexibility to the protein layer of cell membranes, allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily. This softens the tissue and helps reduce inflammation to equalize cell pressure, adding flexibility and permeability to most forms of tissue, thereby reducing if not totally eliminating the cause of the pain.

Using the gel 1oz travel size Travel Size

Passes readily through cell membranes – adding flexibility and permeability to most forms of tissue throughout the body.

Relieves pain by working its magic on aches and pains of every variety – from tendonitis to splitting headaches and chronic back pain.

Reduces inflammation. With MSM your body doesn’t need as much cortisol to protect injured tissue from further damage. With reduced cortisol levels comes reduced inflammation.

Enhances blood flow by dilating blood vessels (vasodilation).

Relaxes muscles and relieves spasm – a natural muscle relaxant.


Using the flakes –

what MSM flakes look likePromotes healthy digestive function by boosting enzyme activity, building healthy tissue in the intestinal lining.

Is a natural anti-parasitic – parasites infest a silent epidemic of 85% of Americans hosting at least, 1 parasite in their body. It’s as though MSM puts down a tough coating on the intestinal lining that it can’t cling to. The parasites are simply flushed out of your system.

Helps the body to quickly flush out undesirable foreign particles (allergens). MSM softens tissue walls, allowing antioxidants and immune system cells to enter more easily, foreign proteins and free radicals are more readily flushed out.

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