SP Water Treatment System


The SP Water Treatment System injects powerful plasma ozone into your culinary water line.  Ozone oxidizes organics and chelates minerals in the water. While at the same time, infusing the water with micro-oxygen.  The water is then filtered with a 5-micron carbon filter.  The result is water that is naturally soft, pH balanced and free of chemicals and organics.  Soft and Pure (SP) water has many applications for good health and wellness in people and animals by retaining the healthy benefits of dissolved oxygen and chelated dissolved minerals.


The SP Water treatment system uses our innovative technology to treat hard water problems without the use of salt. Plasma Ozone is injected into the water stream where it oxidizes organics into their basic elements and chelates, or fractures, minerals in water into micron sized particles. This dual action of oxidation and chelation naturally pH balances the water to 7.2-7.6. Oxidized material and larger minerals are filtered out of the water.  The net effect is that the water produced by the SP System is perfect for the human body, pH balanced, loaded with micro-oxygen, free of chemicals and naturally softened.


The human body requires pH balanced water and will easily absorb chelated minerals.  Water above or below the narrow range of 7.2-7.6 is selectively absorbed by the body.  Reverse Osmosis water has been sold as good for the body.  The problem is that when RO removes minerals the water becomes acidic.  The body will not hydrate properly because the pH of RO water is acidic.


Balancing the pH of water also eliminates and reverses corrosion issues in hot water heaters.  Minerals that are chelated cannot plate out on pipes, valves and water heaters.


SP Water Treatment Systems have applications in homes, restaurants, schools, hotels and office buildings



SP-2 Water Disinfection System.  

The SP-2 Water Treatment System treats water exactly like the SP Water Treatment System then reinjects ozone into the water stream to produce soft and pure water with active ozone.  Active ozone water is up to 3,500 times stronger than bleach or chlorine without the harmful effects of chemical disinfectants. Ozone water will disinfect/sanitize anything that it touches.  Water flow rates up to 30 gallons per minute can be treated for enhanced sanitization/ disinfection purposes.


The SP-2 water treatment system has application in processing facilities, laboratories and other businesses that require a high volume of sanitizing water.


Installed Shock Systems

The O3 Science, Inc installed shock systems are installed above the ceiling grid.  Each unit will service up to 2,500 sq. ft. The installed ozone shock system will generate 30,000-40,000 mg/h of ozone. The ozone is then directed thru a distribution tube to the areas that are to be disinfected on a regular basis.  The system is operated by Wi-Fi controller and have an ozone monitor that are controlled by your phone.  The system is set to operate after general cleaning is finished and the building is empty of people, pets and plants.


Commercial Laundry Ozone Generator

The O3 Laundry Ozone Generator injects ozone into the water line to washing machines.  Ozone will replace detergents and make clothes noticeably fresher. This will sanitize linens and keeps colors bright,   It is best to use an SP water treatment unit to pretreat the water entering the building.