Benefits of ozone (ozonated) oils

Ozone infused oils, have been around since the early 1900’s.  Their use as a topical ointment and for medicinal purposes has been debated and experimented with ever since.  Used to reduce bacterial and viral infections on most everything from amputations, burns, rashes, cuts and scrapes to insect bites.  Coconut and olive oil, is used as an aid to relieve dry skin, has been added to many lotions by various name brands.  So-called “Ozonated Oils” and creams are sold almost everywhere, both online and in retail outlets.  The sad fact is, not all of these are created using pure base oils.  While this article is not about those, it is important to note that many are cut with cheaper oils to ‘stretch’ the good stuff.  We at O3 Science, Inc. start with the purest form of cold pressed, unadulterated extra-virgin oils we can get.  However, we do not stop there!  We micro-infuse these oils using a process developed in-house, that further cleans the oils with ozone during a prolonged repeating cycle to keep the oils cool.  This process has been shown via lab tests to provide the cleanest and healthiest oils.  Our oils deliver excellent absorb-ability into skin.  As the oils are absorbed, they deliver not only the beneficial properties the oil is known for, but also supply oxygen that the body uses directly!  Oxygen therapy in a jar, improved blood flow, promotes new skin growth for smoother skin, aids in healing cuts and scrapes, reduction of acne by removing the cause – bacteria.  The list continues to grow as people try it for various purposes.  There is a good article about these oils on Wikiwel – which I invite you to read.  Ozone itself is a gas, killing bacteria, and viruses almost on contact.  When infused into oils, such as olive or MCT Coconut Oil, it retains this antiseptic property.


Essential Oils increase the benefits

Essential oils have their own benefits.  When combined to our base ozone infused oils, essential oils are even better. Essential oils can provide relief from stress, muscle aches, headaches, acne, and bug bites, dry skin and in some cases even promote sleep.  It is no wonder we include some as part of our wellness products.

O3 Life Oils –

With Lemon – Use to improve overall skin conditions, whether addressing fat lumps or cellulite, dry skin or stretch marks, our Life Oil with is a good daily moisturizer. Lemon Essential Oil may provide a mood and energy boost many of us need in today’s hectic life.

With Lavender – Lavender has long been touted to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and help people to fall asleep.  When added to our ozone infused oils your skin gets an oxygen boost too.

Muscle Rub – Our unique blend containing peppermint and wintergreen essential oils to provide a cooling sensation and help ease muscle aches, tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties, and MSM to provide nutrients essential to all cells, and infused ozone to provide additional oxygen.  This blend of oils is designed specifically to address sore muscles and joints.