Portable Ozone Generator.
Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Drinking Water, And More!

An ozone generator that has a lot of applications for good health and wellness for people, pets or plants. Ozone is natures disinfectant. Viruses and bacteria have no defense against ozone. Ozone also oxygenates the body to promote rapid healing.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is another form of oxygen, the most important element required for life. Ozone requires energy to be produced, like the energy of a thunderstorm, that produces ozone in nature. Ozone is called activated oxygen because once activated by energy the ozone will seek out organics like bacteria and virus to oxidize and destroy. Ozone performs two functions that lead to healthy and productive lives of people, pets and plants.
1. Ozone disinfects almost anything. Bacteria and virus have no defense against ozone’s oxidative properties. Ozone will destroy 99.99% of all pathogens on contact and leave no residue.
2. Ozone delivers a high amount of oxygen that is beneficial to human, pet and plant health. Oxygen prevents infection, promotes healing and creates conditions for rapid plant growth. Ozone will destroy mold and fungus also.
Ozone activation lasts for only a short time before it breaks down. Ozone breaks down to clean oxygen very quickly and has a half-life of 20 minutes. This means that is is best to make ozone and use it as quickly as possible. Increased heat reduces the life of ozone in air and water and increased pressure extends the life of ozone in water pipes.

For Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Drinking Water and More

Sink-side Unit The portable ozone generator allows you to ozonate water almost anywhere to remove residual chemicals on meat, fruits and vegetables, Drinking Water, and much more. It can be used in kitchen, bathroom, closet, refrigerator, aquarium.
The small portable ozone generator is excellent for travel needs. We recommend drinking ozonated water as soon as possible after being in a crowd or in a crowded space. This will disinfect your throat and help prevent infectious disease.
Most of the food that we eat is considered “dead” food as most nutrients are eliminated through the manufacturing of processed food. This is why many foods have vitamins added to them. Even the water you drink is virtually dead from all of the chemical processing. What we end up consuming is a lot of calories without any substance.
Ozone is up to 3000 times faster and more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria, molds, cysts and inactivating virus, while providing you with a purity not achievable with conventional chemicals. Unique to ozone is the fact that microorganisms do not build up immunity to being treated with ozone. Ozone is approved for direct contact with food products by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent and granted full USDA approval with no restrictions for use on organic products.

How to Apply Ozone Water:

Ozone water is potent. It is 150% more powerful than bleach. Remember, it destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. A small amount sprayed on the body is enough for daily skin disinfection. You should apply ozone water more heavily to infected skin areas. It is not necessary to shower with ozone water. A small amount sprayed on the body is enough to disinfect the body and prevent skin infection. Remember, it works on contact.

Spray: Use a chemical-resistant pump-up sprayer. These sprayers can be found in any hardware store. The best sprayer is a pump-up sprayer because it puts pressure on the ozone water, prolongs its effectiveness, is easy to use, and has a very adjustable spray. Fill sprayer ¾ full of water and bubble for a minimum of 5 minutes. Replace the top, pump up and spray.
Microfiber Cloth
It is best to use a microfiber cloth that is synthetic and antimicrobial. Soak the cloth in ozone water, then use the cloth to wipe surfaces to disinfect. The microfiber cloth can also be used as a compress to help prevent skin infections. Be sure to re-wet the cloth with ozone water every 1-2 minutes. Continue to bubble during compress application. Do not use cotton cloths. Cotton is organic and will destroy Ozone before it can be used.



Immersion: Place a body part in a suitably sized container filled with ozone water. A clean plastic bucket will work for hands, feet, and ankles. Continue to add Ozone with a bubble stone ozone generator during the application. Applications should last up to 30 minutes. You can also use a bathtub or a Jacuzzi to soak your entire body. Use caution to prevent ozone generators from falling into the water. In a bath or Jacuzzi, place the bubble stone under the body part you want to treat—then bubble the water for 30 minutes.
Drink Ozone Water: Drinking ozone water may be the healthiest thing that you can do for your body. Remember, ozone water disinfects and oxygenates. Drinking ozone water disinfects your mouth, gums, throat, and esophagus while giving the body a rush of oxygen. Ozone water will neutralize stomach acid. Studies have shown that ozone water will increase awareness better than 8 cups of coffee and not give you the jitters.
Ozone water is pH-balanced water with a pH of 7.2-7.6. The body readily accepts pH-balanced water. The body selectively rejects water that is above or below this narrow pH range. Proper hydration is best attained by drinking pH-balanced ozone water.
When you remove all the dissolved solids from the water, the water becomes acidic. Reverse osmosis (RO) water is an example. RO water is advertised as excellent for the body. However, the fact that it is acidic indicates that it will not properly hydrate the body. We recommend replacing RO units with an ozone water faucet unit. Ozone water faucets will provide many benefits that RO units can’t offer.

The most popular applications for ozone are:

1. Drinking water. Ozone oxidizes organics and chemicals in culinary water. This balances the pH of the water to 7.4, perfect for the body. The preferred method is to bubble water for up to 10 minutes, then filter the oxidized material out of the water with a Pur or Britta filter. Then refrigerate the water. Reactivate the ozone by bubbling again just before consumption or using for disinfection.
2. Disinfection. After following step 1, reactivate the water with minimum 2-5 minutes bubbling. Place in sprayer and spray on any surface or use microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces.
3. Remove insecticides and extend storage life of fruits and vegetables. Fill sink with water and bubble. Place vegetables into water for up to 30 minutes. Allow to air dry.
4. Water plants. Fill bucket with water and bubble for 10-15 minutes for 1-5 gallons. Pour or spray on plants. Plants love ozone water. Chemicals in water are oxidized into nitrates and nitrites that are plant food. The active ozone is easily absorbed by the roots and supply oxygen needed by the plant. plant.
5. Travel. After traveling or mingling with a large number of people, place bubbler into a water bottle and bubble for 2-5 minutes. Drink some water immediately while ozone is activated to disinfect your throat and prevent infectious disease. You can also wash/rinse your face and hands

When it comes to water and air sanitation We have systems for everyone!
Ozone Clean Pro has systems in large water features, Pools, Produce, and Meat processing as well as Air Sanitation Systems. We also do Home and Business Shock Treatments.

Ozone production: 600mg / h
Power supply: 110VAC, 50Hz
Power consumption: 15 W
Maximum operating time: 1-30 minutes per use

Package included:
1 x Ozone Generator unit, 2 x Air outlet tube, 2 x Diffuser stones

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