About O3 Science, Inc.

O3 Science, Inc specializes in ozone disinfection and oxygenation.  We discovered that ozone is the world’s safest and most powerful disinfectant. We went on to study the work of Nickola Tesla who was the first to patent an ozone generator in 1902. We used this knowledge and our technical background to develop ozone shock systems, Water treatment systems and sanitation systems that are able to disinfect all areas in homes and businesses. All testing was certified by 2 independent laboratories to be 99.9999% disinfected. We continued to develop ozone equipment for pools, homes, farms, greenhouses and processing plants. Equipment and products from this research include our Soft Pure (SP1) and (SP2) water treatment systems for homes and businesses, pools, spas and water features. Shock treatment air machines for area sanitization. O3 Science, Inc. has become a leader in ozone technology.

Not All Ozone is created equal!! 

In our research into O3 (ozone) we have found that there are large differences in ozone technologies and molecules.

Lets talk about UV OZONES: UV ozone is the weakest ozone molecule and it can very in strength but is very low when it comes to oxidation and reaction to bacteria and molds and has very little effect on chemicals.

Then we go to CORONA DISCHARGE OZONE: This is a electrically charged O3 (OZONE) single molecule that varies in strength and is very reactive to bacteria and viruses as well as chemicals depending on strength of the charge or type of machine that is used.

Finally the Plasma ozone: In the technology we use to generate the Ozone Or O3 in the lab tests on the different sizes and strength of cells we use we have been very successfully in generating O9 – O42+ chain ozone. We only use plasma ozone in water systems and since they are so reactive we are very careful in what we use them on such as sanitation water systems and well systems where we need a high reaction.

As we have developed our technology and used and tested other systems we have found that the ozone industry has been very misleading in the different uses as well as what some companies are claiming. This is one reason we do service programs and provide the machines that we engineer for each customer to make sure this technology is installed and maintained properly.

Depending on what type of system that is needed and how much it will be in use is going to determine how much maintenance the system will require. Ozone has to be serviced to keep it working at optimum all the times.

ozone created by nature

What is Ozone? (O3)

Ozone is another form of oxygen, the most important element required for life. Ozone requires energy to be produced, like the energy of a thunderstorm, that produces ozone in nature. Ozone is called activated oxygen because once activated by energy the ozone will seek out organics like bacteria and virus to oxidize and destroy. Ozone performs two functions that lead to healthy and productive lives of people, pets and plants.


  1. Ozone disinfects almost anything. Bacteria and virus have no defense against ozone’s oxidative properties. Ozone will destroy 99.99% of all pathogens on contact and leave no residue. 
  2. Ozone delivers a high amount of oxygen that is beneficial to human, pet and plant health. Oxygen prevents infection, promotes healing and creates conditions for rapid plant growth. Ozone will destroy mold and fungus also.


Ozone lasts for only a short time before it breaks down. Ozone breaks down to clean oxygen very quickly and has a ½ life of 20 minutes. This means that is is best to make ozone and use it as quickly as possible. Increased heat reduces the life of ozone in air and water and increased pressure extends the life of ozone in water pipes.


There are 3 ways to produce ozone.

  1. UV light produces a weak molecule ozone that is 20-30% effective in killing bacteria and virus. UV light ozone is the weakest form of ozone.
  2. Corona discharge ozone is a powerful single molecule ozone. Corona discharge ozone is inexpensive and easy to produce.
  3. Plasma discharge ozone is the most powerful form of ozone. Plasma ozone comprises up to 9 ozone molecules in a chain.


Ozone protects the earth from harmful UV rays produced by the sun. Ozone also protects people pets and plants from pathogens and harmful chemicals on earth.


Include ozone in your life style to live a healthy life.